Dynamic Synthetic Tissues for Medical Simulation and Training
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Dynamic Synthetic Tissues for Medical Simulation and Training


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Type: SBIRPhase: BOTHYear: 2024
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    Release Oct 3, 2023 12:00 AM
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    Open Oct 3, 2023 12:00 AM
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The Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking proposals for the development of dynamic synthetic tissues for medical simulation and training. The objective is to create material-based solutions that can accurately demonstrate prolonged casualty care, nursing care, and trauma scenarios by dynamically changing the patient state based on the care being provided. The synthetic tissue materials should be capable of emulating real medical complications and demonstrate changes in appearance over time, providing learners with the correct sensory cues for treatment. The targeted material response areas include color change, texture change, swelling/edema, liquid secretion, smell production, and temperature control.

The project will be conducted in two phases. Phase I will focus on the feasibility of developing synthetic materials capable of dynamic change over time. The proposer will demonstrate a functional prototype incorporating at least two of the objective capabilities mentioned above. Phase II will build upon the Phase I findings and prototype, aiming to develop a well-defined prototype that meets the requirements of the topic and can be made commercially viable. The Phase II prototype should include tissues surrounding the wounded area and demonstrate at least three of the identified requirements.

The project duration for Phase II is two years, with a funding amount of $1.1 million. The end-state of the project is to provide training tools for combat medic schoolhouses, nursing providers, and surgical training providers. The transition and commercialization process in Phase III will involve building additional wounds and surrounding tissues based on feedback and results from Phase II.

Overall, this solicitation seeks innovative research and development in the field of dynamic synthetic tissues for medical simulation and training, with the goal of improving training immersion, realism, and soldier buy-in while enabling new training scenarios in prolonged casualty care.

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