Seeker for Low-Cost Base Defense Munition
ID: AF242-D019Type: BOTH


Seeker for Low-Cost Base Defense Munition


Department of DefenseN/A


Type: SBIRPhase: BOTHYear: 2024
  1. 1
    Release Apr 17, 2024 12:00 AM
  2. 2
    Open May 15, 2024 12:00 AM
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    Next Submission Due Jun 12, 2024 12:00 AM
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    Close Jun 12, 2024 12:00 AM

The Department of Defense (DOD) is seeking proposals for a low-cost passive imaging infrared seeker for a 70mm rocket, specifically targeting Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) threats. The objective is to develop and demonstrate a cost-effective solution that can effectively detect and defeat C-UAS targets in a rapid-launched or simultaneous-launched swarming scenario. The technology should be able to be produced, deployed, and launched at scale, and should be compatible with existing platforms. The scope of the topic includes not only the hardware for the imaging infrared seeker but also the algorithms and infrastructure needed for fast-launching missions. The DOD is particularly interested in modifications to the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) and encourages collaboration with BAE, the prime contractor for APKWS. The desired performance goals include a weapon cost of less than $50K, a seeker cost of less than $10K, a detection range of over 2 KM, an identification range of over 1 KM, a field of view of over 10 degrees, and a launch rate of over 1 per second. The project will be conducted in three phases: Phase I will focus on feasibility and modeling, Phase II will involve guided free flight testing, and Phase III will include prototype production and potential inclusion in a program of record. The project is open for proposals until June 12, 2024. For more information, visit the solicitation agency's website at [link].

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