Environmental Insurance Advisory and Assistance Services

Published Date
December 13th, 2023
Response Deadline
December 15th, 2023
San Antonio, TX, USA
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Solicitation No.






Solicitation from the Department of Defense, specifically the Department of the Air Force, is seeking Environmental Insurance Advisory and Assistance Services. These services are used to manage and assess environmental conditions affecting the real property assets of the Department of the Air Force. The services include drafting and negotiating environmental insurance products, advising on cost-sharing financial risk management approaches, and providing environmental consulting and brokerage services. The contractor will work closely with AFCEC/CI to limit and mitigate environmental risks and liabilities during remediation or development projects. No inherently governmental functions or personal services are to be performed under this contract. The place of performance is San Antonio, TX, USA. For more information, contact Hannah Gaddie at hannah.gaddie@us.af.mil or (937) 257-8931.


UPDATE 13 Dec 2023 ********** Solicitation Amendment #0002: Attachment 1 - Performance Work Statement - is being update to reflect small changes to remove some ambiguities. There was a reference to "blank slate legal contract" which has been removed. Additionally, some language that potentially could be interpreted as Inherently Governmental Functions has been modified. No Inherently Governmental Functions are being procured under this solicitation. New attatchments have been posted in the "Attachment/Links" tab simply updating the dates. Areas in PWS that have been modified are highlighted in the attached document and are not substantive in nature. Proposal submissions are due 1500 Eastern on 15 Dec 2023.  ********** ********** Solicitation Amendment #0001: The submission date for Attachment 3 - Past Performance Questionnaire - is extended to 1500 Eastern on Wednesday, 6 Dec 2023, as well as the overall proposal submission extended to 1500 Eastern on 15 Dec 2023 to account for the Thanksgivign Holiday. New attatchments have been posted in the "Attachment/Links" tab simply updating the dates. There are no other changes to the document or the solicitation.  ********** The Air Force Civil Engineering Center, Installations Directorate (AFCEC/CI) is responsible for the efficient and economic management and use of the real property assets (Assets) of the Department of the Air Force (DAF). These Assets include: (a) property on installations actively supporting the DAF and Department of Defense (DoD) missions; and (b) property determined to be excess to the needs of the DA F through the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Acts, special legislation, and because of routine evaluations of the DAF needs. The DAF's asset management responsibilities include an affirmative obligation to assess environmental conditions affecting its real property assets and to take actions necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations intended to address environmental conditions in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. The DAF satisfies its responsibilities regarding the environmental conditions of the DAF property through a variety of contracting vehicles. These contracts sometimes require the use of an environmental insurance (El) product to ensure that the remedial Contractor, commercial developer, or other entity (private or governmental) both (1) assumes the cleanup obligations and associated environmental risks such as changing regulatory requirements or discovery of previously unknown contaminants and (2) can manage the cost increases of such environmental risks. Unlike standard insurance policies, such as home and auto, which utilize standardized forms and endorsements, EI products are surplus lines, not subject to regulatory review or standards. As a blank slate legal contract, AFCEC/CI requires highly specialized drafting and legal expertise to ensure the risk and liability of the DAF is appropriately limited and mitigated as well as advise AFCEC/CI on EI Product structure to align Contractor incentives with the DAF budgetary goals. This project provides specialized environmental insurance advice and assistance to support the various AFCEC Installations Directorate (AFCEC) Division Programs. Efforts include supporting the AFCEC/CI Mission in the efficient management of mitigating environmental risks and liabilities and supporting real property solutions, which involve controlling environmental risks and finding approaches to risk management using EI policy mechanisms.  Formulate and advise the DAF on cost sharing financial risk management approaches, which may include EI policies for environmental cleanups or community development transactions and assist and advise DAF with prosecution of claims involving EI policies where DAF is named as an insured. The DAF will make any all decisions related to the prosecution of claims.    Scope. The Contractor shall provide Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) and deliverables in support of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC).  Under this PWS the Contractor shall provide services to AFCEC/CIB in the review, drafting, and negotiation of EI products provided by private and public entities required by AFCEC/CI to limit and mitigate AFCEC/CI’s environmental risk and liability during remediation or development of DAF environmental sites. Additionally, the Contractor shall review proposed remediation or development projects and advise AFCEC on whether EI products could be utilized to better align environmental Contractor financial incentives with AFCEC site completion goals. The Contractor shall provide environmental consulting services, expertise, environmental insurance brokerage services for complex EI scenarios, and evaluate/provide negotiation expertise/draft complex environmental policies for the government AFCEC/CI review and approval.  The Contractor shall draft, advise AFCEC EI policy negotiations and evaluate complex EI policies. The Contractor shall provide services of a licensed surplus lines insurance broker. All Contractor personnel shall work together on all tasks stated within the PWS to reduce duplication. No inherently governmental functions or personal services are to be performed under this contract. 

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