Published Date
December 12th, 2023
Response Deadline
January 2nd, 2024
Upton, NY, 11973, USA
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation ENERGY, DEPARTMENT OF DIRECT WIND LINEAR COMPONENTS or its Equivalent The Department of Energy is seeking quotes for the procurement of DIRECT WIND LINEAR COMPONENTS or its Equivalent. These components are typically used in linear motion systems for various applications. The components include ball bearings, linear motion guide rails, linear actuators, and linear motion guide blocks. The procurement includes specific quantities and specifications for each component. The components must meet ABEC 7 tolerances and have specific dimensions. The procurement also requires the inclusion of freight in the all-inclusive quote. Interested vendors are required to provide their quote with the current date and lead time. Discounts for the best price are encouraged. Vendors must also provide the country of origin and their Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) along with the quote. In addition to the quote, vendors are requested to provide a published price list for price justification, prior BNL PO for the same or similar items, and a screenshot or link showing pricing and part numbers. Vendors must also be registered in the System For Award Management (SAM) with their UEI. Alternate products are allowed, but they must have equivalent or greater performance parameters. Vendors offering alternate products must provide documentation to demonstrate the equivalency of their offer. The basis of award will be the lowest total price from a responsive and responsible offeror who meets all technical requirements. The pricing provided should remain valid for 60 days. Quotations will be opened privately, and late responses will only be considered if it is in the best interest of the Department of Energy. Please refer to the attached Terms and Conditions for further details. For more information, please contact Beth Gilman at or 6313444144. Location: Upton, NY 11973, USA Department: ENERGY, DEPARTMENT OF Office: BROOKHAVEN NATL LAB -DOE CONTRACTOR Notice Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Primary Contact: Beth Gilman (, 6313444144) PSC Industry: OPERATION OF GOVERNMENT-OWNED CONTRACTOR-OPERATED (GOCO) R&D FACILITIES PSC Code: M1HA


Kindly quote this “FFP” (Firm Fixed Price) requirement with a Quote in my name with the Current Date and Lead Time.  (Freight to be included in the all-inclusive quote).  Please offer BSA any discounts available for your Best Price.   DIRECT WIND LINEAR COMPONENT Items to be quoted or its Equivalent: SEE ATTACHED ENCLOSURE A DRAFT PO 1  7215CTRDULP4Y NSK - 75mm ID X 130mm OD X 25mm wide ball bearing. ABEC 7 tolerances.  1.0000 EA 2  7006CTRDULP4Y  NSK -  30mm ID X 55mm OD X 13mm wide ball bearing. ABEC 7 tolerances.  6.0000 EA 3  7024CTRDULP4Y  NSK - 120mm ID X 180mm OD X 28mm wide ball bearing. ABEC 7 tolerances.  1.0000 EA 4  6310TBR12P4  NSK - 50mm ID X 110mm OD X 27mm wide ball bearing. ABEC 7 tolerances  4.0000 EA 5  SR20-3000L(GK) RAIL - THK model SR20 Linear motion guide rail (3000mm length).  10.0000 EA 6  SR30-760L(GK) RAIL - THK model SR30 linear motion guide rail (760mm Length.  2.0000 EA 7  SKR4610D-0445-OJAO/THK SR46 - SKR 46 Series linear actuator, Double short block, 10mm lead, 464.5mm stroke. With proximity sensors  2.0000 EA 8  SR30V1SS(GK) BLOCK - THK SR30 series, medium load linear motion guide block.  6.0000 EA 9  KGS-3205-P5-RH/0/ELS/CNS/6000/KGF-D-EE/M  1.0000 EA 10  SR20V1SS(GK) BLOCK - THK SR20 series, medium load linear motion guide block.  10.0000 EA 11  SR20W1SS(GK) BLOCK - THK SR20 series, heavy load linear motion guide block.  6.0000 EA Please provide the following on your quote: 1.  Country of Origin (COO) 2.  Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Please also return the following along with your quote: 1.         Published Price list: showing the items on your quote for price justification, Prior BNL PO for the same or a web screenshot (or link) of same/similar items with pricing and part number shown. 2.         System For Award Management (SAM): In order to support DOE reporting requirements, BSA requires all its vendors/contractors to be registered in the U. S. Government supplier database entitled System For Award Management (SAM) with their Unique Entity ID number (UEI#).  Registration can be performed on line at If not already registered, please register as soon as possible since failure to do so may preclude BSA from doing business with your organization.  Please note that there is no charge for SAM registration. When registering, you are strongly urged to copy and paste onto your browser address rather than utilizing your search engine. Utilizing your search engine may redirect you to an erroneous site. You may obtain assistance in completing your registration by contacting the Federal Help Desk at 866-606-8220 or by contacting your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), which can be found at 3.        Equivalent Guidelines: The parts or model numbers are listed for reference purposes only. Any alternate products being offered shall have equivalent, or greater, performance parameters to those specified. Suppliers that are offering alternate products shall list the manufacturer, model, and part numbers for the product. When quoting an alternate product, please provide sufficient documentation to permit thorough evaluation of the equivalency of your offer to the product specified.  BSA reserves the right to determine equivalency. 4.         Basis of Award: BSA will make award to the responsive and responsible offeror who submits the lowest total price and who meets all of BSA’s technical requirements, as stated herein. 5.        Pricing: shall remain valid for 60 days Quotations will be opened in private. Quotations, including their withdrawal or modification, received after the closing date shall be considered late. Such responses will only be considered for award if it is in BSA’s best interest to do so. Any resulting purchase order will be subject to the attached Terms and Conditions.

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