Collaborative Research Opportunities Program (CROP) in Agricultural STEM

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December 13th, 2023
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February 29th, 2024
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U.S. Mission to Venezuela (DOS-VEN)

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The U.S. Mission to Venezuela, through the Public Diplomacy section of the Venezuela Affairs Unit, is offering a grant opportunity for U.S. Institutes of Higher Education (HEIs) to participate in the Collaborative Research Opportunities Program (CROP) in Agricultural STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). This program aims to enhance research capacity and establish university partnerships between Venezuelan academic institutions and their U.S. counterparts in the field of Agricultural STEM. The grant will support the development of collaborative research opportunities, the expansion of research capacity, and the establishment of connections between Venezuelan and U.S. researchers. The program seeks to strengthen Venezuela's educational institutions and contribute to national development strategies. The grant amount available is up to $200,000, and the deadline for applications is February 29, 2024. For more information and to apply, please visit the following link: Grant Opportunities


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Venezuela Affairs Unit (VAU) Public Diplomacy Section Notice of Funding Opportunity Funding Opportunity Title: Collaborative Research Opportunities Program (CROP) in Agricultural STEM Funding Opportunity Number: FY2024VE003 Deadline for Applications: February 29, 2024 CFDA Number: 19.040 Total Amount Available: up to $200,000 USD A. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Public Diplomacy section of the Venezuela Affairs Unit announces an open competition for U.S. Institutes of Higher Education (HEIs) to submit applications for the Collaborative Research Opportunities Program (CROP) in Agricultural STEM. We anticipate funding one grant in the following subject and research areas: Agricultural STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math). We seek proposals that build the research capacity of faculty and students at Venezuelan academic institutions and cultivate university partnerships between these institutions and their U.S. counterparts. Proposals should be submitted to by February 29, 2024. This program will focus on building collaborative research opportunities at Venezuelan universities and establishing research methods that adhere to international standards; building or expanding research capacity; connecting Venezuelan researchers with their U.S. counterparts and catalyzing university partnerships. This program supports the VAU’s higher education engagement goals to galvanize efforts to expand partnerships between U.S. and Venezuelan higher education institutions. This approach acknowledges that fortifying existing links and promoting new partnerships at the university level will strengthen Venezuela’s educational institutions as instruments of national development. Theory of Change: If universities in Venezuela increase their ability to collaborate and enhance their research capacity; and if these universities develop a campus-wide culture of research, then Venezuela will be better positioned to build comprehensive university partnerships with U.S. counterparts and better position higher education to contribute to national development strategies in Venezuela. Key Deliverables: The 18-month CROP grant seeks to accomplish the program’s goals through the completion of the following deliverables: Online Capacity-Building sessions on research methodologies, grant applications and compliance for Venezuelan university faculty and staff (approximately 25), living and working in Venezuela. Additional topics could include (but not limited to) market-based research, private-sector integrations, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, important characteristics of a productive research environment and building up under-graduate student research capacities. Proposals should include a wide range of topics that focus on how to foster a culture of research, including: Value and importance of a culture of research, including leadership support for a campus-wide strategic vision; Main characteristics of a productive research environment, including professional development prioritization; Critical policy components and successful steps for implementing a culture of research; Case studies of successful university research development programs and initiatives that lead to achieving international standards in research methods and administrative support; Structured Networking sessions with multiple U.S. HEI counterparts to build professional connections and catalyze; and Other key areas that support this effort. Professional Networking Activities that support new academic collaborations and university partnership opportunities in the Agricultural STEM. NOTE: Proposals that present a broad group of U.S. HEIs and innovative/creative online networking strategies efforts will be prioritized. U.S. Study Tour of multiple U.S. HEIs for up to ten Venezuelan university academics and administrators from the 25 selected for Online Capacity-Building sessions participants. These interactions should address potential research priority areas and focus on building academic research partnerships and other potential international programs. NOTE: Spanish language capacity is not required, however, proposals that include key staff with bilingual capacities (Spanish/English) will be prioritized. Program Participants and Beneficiaries In partnership with the VAU Public Diplomacy section and local educational counterparts, the program will target up to 25 Venezuelan academics and administrators in Agricultural STEM areas living and working in Venezuela. Recruitment and selection will be jointly conducted by the grantee and the VAU. In consultation with the VAU, the number of participants in each program component may change depending on local conditions and budget considerations. B. FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATION Length of performance period: up to 18 months Number of awards anticipated: 1 award Award amounts: approximately US $200,000.00 Total available funding: approximately US$ 200,000 Type of Funding: Public Diplomacy Funds – Smith Mundt Anticipated program start date: August 1, 2024 This notice is subject to availability of funding. Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement. The target audience and beneficiaries will be identified by the VAU. Program Performance Period: Proposed programs should be completed in 18 months or less. If interested in applying, please visit to review all information regarding this NOFO.

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