Bridging Education Solutions for Transformation (BEST) Activity

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Cambodia USAID-Phnom Penh (USAID-CAM)

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The Cambodia USAID-Phnom Penh is forecasting a grant opportunity titled "Bridging Education Solutions for Transformation (BEST) Activity". This initiative aims to improve learning outcomes and foundational skills of students, particularly the most underserved populations in Cambodia. The grant will focus on developing and testing an evidence-based model to enhance students' reading abilities, building on USAID's investments in early grade reading. The agency is seeking insights from stakeholders through this Request for Information (RFI) to understand sector-specific needs and leverage local expertise for sustainable impact in the education sector. To be eligible for this opportunity, applicants will be determined at a later time. For more information, contact Samsak Sao, the Grantor, at


USAID/Cambodia is developing a Scope of Work for a prospective initiative called Bridging Education Solutions for Transformation (BEST), which is intended to introduce the most cost-effective solution to improve learning outcomes and foundational skills of students, in particular, the most underserved populations. This activity will build on USAID’s investments in early grade reading, which focus on “Learn to Read” abilities and consolidate best practices to develop and test an evidence-based model that addresses USAID’s priority to help Cambodian students improve their “Read to Learn” abilities. This Request for Information (RFI) serves as a vital platform for USAID to gather insights from stakeholders, including local partners, enhancing our understanding of sector-specific needs within our scope of influence. This approach is integral to USAID's commitment to improving the education sector in Cambodia, leveraging local expertise and insights for long-term, sustainable impact.

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