Fiscal Year 2024 Solar Energy Supply Chain Incubator FOA
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Golden Field Office (DOE-GFO)

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$1M - $5M

Eligible Applicants

Small Businesses

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Cooperative Agreement

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    Posted Jun 6, 2024 12:00 AM
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    Due Oct 7, 2024 12:00 AM

The Golden Field Office of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has posted a funding opportunity titled "Fiscal Year 2024 Solar Energy Supply Chain Incubator FOA". This opportunity aims to provide up to $38 million in funding for research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects that de-risk solar hardware, manufacturing processes, and software products across various solar technology areas. The funding will support the government's approach to addressing the climate crisis by driving innovation in clean energy technologies.

The FOA specifically focuses on advancing innovative solar hardware, software, and manufacturing processes at different technology readiness levels, ranging from laboratory-scale to pilot-scale testing and prototype demonstration. The technologies of interest include photovoltaics (PV), systems integration, concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) technologies, as well as those that connect solar with storage or electric vehicles. It also includes dual-use PV applications like agrivoltaics and vehicle-integrated PV.

Small businesses are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity, and the DOE encourages them to collaborate with diverse institutions such as academic institutions, non-profits, state and local governments, and Tribal governments. The FOA also seeks projects that provide outreach, education, or technology development for software that enables an automated permit review and approval process for rooftop solar PV with or without energy storage.

Under this FOA, the DOE expects to make between 11 and 23 awards, with funding ranging from $1 million to $5 million per award. Prior to submitting a full application, a mandatory concept paper is due on July 19 at 5 p.m. ET. Applicants can access free Application Education Services through the American-Made Network and engage with Power Connectors.

For more information about this funding opportunity, including contact details and additional resources, please visit the following link: Funding Opportunity eXCHANGE

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