CARC Paint

Published Date
November 16th, 2023
Response Deadline
November 30th, 2023
Tobyhanna, PA, 18466, USA
Notice Type
Special Notice
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Special Notice DEPT OF DEFENSE DEPT OF THE ARMY is planning to award a sole source purchase order to Hentzen Corporation for the procurement of CARC Paint. CARC Paint is a type of coating used for military vehicles and equipment to provide protection against corrosion, chemicals, and weather conditions. The purchase includes 500 gallons of COATING, ALIPHATIC POLYURETHANE, SINGLE COMPONENT in SAE-AMS-STD-595 color# 34097 (Field Green), conforming to MIL-DTL-53039, Type IV. The paint has been evaluated and determined to perform best in the specified criteria for film build, sag/hang, coverage, resistance to blistering, re-coat blending, dry time, and dry film finish. The procurement will be made using Simplified Acquisition Procedures in accordance with Federal Regulation (FAR) Part 13.106-1(b). Interested parties have until November 30, 2023, to submit their capabilities and evidence of competition advantage. The Government intends to negotiate directly with Hentzen Corporation, but other interested parties may submit their capability statements for consideration.


NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD A SOLE SOURCE This Notice of Intent is not a request for competitive proposals. This is not a solicitation or request for offers. No solicitation package is available and telephone requests will not be honored.  Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG), Tobyhanna Division, Tobyhanna, PA 18466 intends to award a sole source purchase order to Hentzen Corporation 6937 W. Mill Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53218-1225 Description of Supply: 1. QTY: 500-gallons, COATING, ALIPHATIC POLYURETHANE, SINGLE COMPONENT (M53039-04-01G-34097) (Coating, Polyurethane, Single Component, SAE-AMS-STD-595 color# 34097 (Field Green), Conforming to MIL-DTL-53039, Type IV). Hentzen Part Number: 08681GUZ-ULVOC Hentzen Corporation was determined based upon recent paint evaluation performed on different vendors' products of the MIL-DTL-53039 Type IV CARC in multiple colors. It was determined from the testing that the Hentzen version performed best when applied up to 10 mils wet film thickness at temperatures between 60 F. and 85 F. and humidity levels normally encountered in Tobyhanna, PA in the following TYAD required criteria: Film Build, Sag/Hang, Coverage, Resistance to Blistering, Re-coat Blending, Dry Time, and Dry Film Finish. This purchase will be made utilizing Simplified Acquisition Procedures in accordance with: Federal Regulation (FAR) Part 13.106-1(b) for purchases not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold of $250,000. Interested parties may identify their interests and capability to respond to this requirement by November 30, 2023 at 4PM (EST). Any response to this notice must show clear and convincing evidence that competition would be advantageous to the Government. Information received will be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether or not to conduct a competitive procurement. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed award upon response to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. No reimbursement for any cost connected with providing capability information will be provided. The Government intends to solicit and negotiate directly with Hentzen Corporation under the authority of FAR 13.106-1(b)(1). If any interested party that can provide this supply, without compromising manufacturing delivery, warranty, or mark ups, you may submit a statement of capabilities that may be considered by Tobyhanna Army Depot. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed requirement is based upon responses to this notice and it is solely within the discretion of the Government. The capability statement, a price list and any other information furnished must be via email only and must contain material in sufficient detail to allow the Government to determine if the party can meet the requirements. Capability statements and related materials must be e-mailed to Missy Morgan at by 10:30 AM EST on November 26, 2023.

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