Q702--Temporary Sterile Processing Technicians

Published Date
October 10th, 2023
Response Deadline
October 11th, 2023
Notice Type
Solicitation No.






Solicitation from the Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking Temporary Sterile Processing Technicians. Sterile Processing technicians are responsible for ensuring that medical instruments and equipment are properly cleaned, sterilized, and prepared for use in medical procedures. This service is crucial in maintaining a safe and sterile environment in healthcare facilities.


On solicitation 36C24223Q1220, could you make this an SDVOSB set-a-side?  I think there are multiple SDVOSB that can fulfill this opportunity. This solicitation is SDVOSB set-a-side. Are previously completed PPQs acceptable for this opportunity due to the quick turnaround time for proposals? Yes, as long as it is current and meets the requirements of the solicitation. Based on the solicitation, Past Performance references are requested in both Factor 1: Contractor Experience & Factor 2: Past Performance. Please confirm if this is correct. Yes Is the contingency plan referenced in E.2 page 48 #1 the same as a staffing plan for service disruptions requested in E.2 page 48 #2? If not, can you please clarify what scenarios the contingency plan requested in E.2 page 48 #1 is for? No, there are different. You must provide contingency plan for unseen situations. Can the government please clarify if the narratives requested in #1 on page 48 require separate narratives to the items in #2-4; or if items requested #2-4 will suffice for meeting the requirements outlined in #1? Yes, it is separated. Is each factor to be contained in its own document, or should factor 2: Past Performance and factor 3: Price be combined in a single document? There is no preference as long as it is provided. Should the SF 1449, SF 30, Contract Administration Data, and signed VAAR be included in the Pricing Volume? There is no preference as long as it is provided. Section D1 (page 11) States: Contractor Personnel shall possess a valid IAHCSMM certification or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD). Level II certification Veterans Affairs Certification, preferred. Certification shall be provided to points of contacts as requested herein. In Section D3 on the same page it states the following information shall be available for all candidates: A copy of the proposed candidate s IAHCSMM or CPSPD certification. However in the Section Technical Capability (page 48) it states i. A copy of the proposed candidate s IAHCSMM certification. Can the government please confirm that both the IAHCSMM and CBSPD Certifications are acceptable. Yes, IACHSSMM and/or CBSPD are acceptable. Is there a current vendor providing these services If so, can you please provide the current Contract # and/or Task Order # for these services, as well as the number of FTEs on the incumbent contract. No. Para E.2 - "The Contractor shall run a background investigation on all contracted personnel prior to submitting them for consideration of a contract at VA James. J Peters Facility and submit the results with the applicant s profile. Respectfully request you eliminate this repetitive requirement. If awarded this contract our personnel will have to undergo a VA background check. Plus it is an additional burden on us to spend money without knowing if the contract will be awarded to us or even awarded at all. Yes, it will be eliminated. Para H - "Contract personnel will be required to attend a VA JJPMC orientation prior to any work assignment at contractor s expense." Please make hours for this requirement at the expense of the government. It is a violation of Department of Labor regulations to require an orientation without pay. The RFP does not specify how long this orientation is, to even budget for it. The VA will be paying for this orientation either directly by hours or indirectly as an addition to our overhead costs. The VA will be responsible for the orientation hours. Para J - "Contract technicians will be scheduled to work on an as needed basis." Is it the intention to work the SPTs on a PRN basis or is there definitely a need for two full-time equivalent technicians? Can we tell our technicians to expect 40 hr work weeks. Yes. It is 40hrs work hours per week. The above referenced Bid mentions in SAM.gov this is a Contract Opportunity Type: Solicitation, but we don t see any format or requirement of what you would like bidders to submit. Please advise of the required format. We would like to submit response by due date of Oct 11, 2023. There is no preference format. See Instructions to Offerors, Addendum, and Evaluation Factors Sections E1, E.2 and E.3. How many PPQs are required to be completed? 3 Do we need to include the PPQs within the Capability Statements, or shall be directly sent to the Contracting Officer? The completed questionnaires must be submitted to the VA contracting officer on or prior to the due date for receipt of quote.

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