Sources Sought Notice for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (ESVE) Manufacturers

Published Date
December 12th, 2023
Response Deadline
January 2nd, 2024
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Sources Sought
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Sources Sought Notice for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (ESVE) Manufacturers The Department of Defense, specifically the Department of the Navy, is seeking potential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers capable of meeting their requirements. The purpose of this notice is to determine if there is commercially available EVSE for use in the NAVFAC Southeast Area of Responsibility, which includes Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The EVSE must meet specific requirements, including the need for (2) 40amp circuits for each charging station, Level II chargers with at least two SAE J1772 connectors, and charger connection cables of at least 16 feet. Additionally, the chargers must have automatic web-based tracking/metering and control capabilities, as well as an Electronic Data Interface for file transfer of various parameters. Other features required include energy and demand metering, web-based control capability for remote administration and access control, and payment/activation/vehicle identification methods. The charging stations must also have nuisance tripping avoidance and auto-re-closure features, as well as visual operational status indicators and scheduling features for utility off-peak start times. Interested manufacturers must submit their responses in electronic form, limited to 5 pages in length and 5MB in size, by 2:00 PM EST on January 2, 2023. The primary contact for submissions is Rebecca Jones at This notice does not constitute a request for a quote or proposal, but rather serves to identify potential EVSE manufacturers. The results of the evaluation will be communicated via a pre-solicitation/synopsis notice. No reimbursement will be provided for costs associated with providing information in response to this notice.


THIS NOTICE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A REQUEST FOR EITHER A QUOTE OR PROPOSAL, OR AN INVITATION FOR BID. THE INTENT OF THIS SOURCES SOUGHT IS TO IDENTIFY POTENTIAL ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT CAPABLE OF MEETING THE COMMAND’S REQUIREMENTS.  NO SOLICITATION, SPECIFICATIONS OR DRAWINGS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. The purpose of this notice is determine if there is commercially available Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for use in the NAVFAC Southeast Area of Responsibility, to include but not limited to: Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida; that demonstrates the ability meet the Command’s requirements, as follows: a. Each charging station will need (2) 40amp circuits, unless otherwise noted. b. Each Level II chargers shall contain at least two SAE J1772 connectors. c. All charger connection cables shall be 16 feet minimum. d. Chargers must have automatic web-based tracking/metering and control. At a minimum, the web-based application shall generate per vehicle kW usage and charging times based on user input intervals.  Charger Electronic Data Interface shall capture and be capable of push or pull file transfer of the following parameters listed below. Feature shall include energy and demand metering conforming to ANSI C12.20. Web-based control capability shall enable remote charger station administration and access control. e. Electronic Data Interface shall be capable of push or pull file transfer and to include: 1. Vehicle Identifier 2. Vehicle Odometer 3. Station Identifier 4. Vendor Name 5. Vendor Point of Contact 6. Vendor POC Phone 7. Vendor POC E-mail 8. Merchant ID (If Applicable) 9. Location a. Address 1 b. Address 2 c. Address 3 d. City e. State f. Zip 10. Unique ID for Charging Event 11. Connect Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 12. Connect Start Time (HH:MM:SS) 13. Connect End Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 14. Connect End Time (HH:MM:SS) 15. Charging Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 16. Charging Start Time (HH/MM/SS) 17. Charging End Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 18. Charging End Time (HH:MM:SS) 19. Total Charging Time (HH:MM:SS) 20. Total kWh consumed 21. Total Cost 22. Average rate of charge (kWh) 23. Maximum Instantaneous Peak Power (kW) f. Payment/Activation/Vehicle Identification Method, including either magnetic swipe or RFID 1. Accept or connect to all of the following fleet cards: a. WEX b. Voyager c. Visa d. Mastercard g. Charging stations must have nuisance tripping avoidance and auto-re-closure features. h. Charging stations must include visual operational status indicators as follows (or equivalent) 1. Ready to Charge 2. Charging 3. Complete 4. Paused-Waiting to Charge 5. Fault i. Charging stations shall have scheduling features that allow for programmed charging for utility off-peak start times. The Government will use the sources sought responses along with other market research to make various determinations regarding procurement of EVSE.  Industry will be notified of the results of this evaluation via the pre-solicitation/synopsis notice. Responses to the questions provided herein must be submitted in electronic form (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format) and may be attached to an email addressed to:  Responses are limited to 5 pages in length, 5MB in size and should only include the information requested in the attached questionnaire.  The due date for responses is 2:00 PM EST, 2 January 2023.  Please identify in the subject line of your response: “NAVFAC SE EVSE SOURCES SOUGHT”.  Any questions may be submitted via email to: NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE MADE FOR ANY COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH PROVIDING INFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT OR ANY FOLLOW-UP INFORMATION REQUESTS. IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE PROCUREMENT INTEGRITY OF ANY FUTURE PROCUREMENT, IF ANY, THAT MAY ARISE FROM THIS ANNOUNCEMENT, INFORMATION REGARDING THE TECHNICAL POINT OF CONTACT WILL NOT BE GIVEN AND NO APPOINTMENTS FOR PRESENTATIONS WILL BE MADE.

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