USMS Catered Meals

Published Date
October 5th, 2023
Response Deadline
October 10th, 2023
Pineville, LA, 71360, USA
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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Set Aside

Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5) (SBA)


The US Marshals Service, under the Department of Justice, is seeking catered meals for a training class at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA. The meals will be served to 30 students from 19 to 24 October 2023, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The contractor must provide a total of 540 meals during this period. Each attendee is required to consume between 3,500 - 4,000 nutrient-dense calories per day, which may require two trips through the food service line per meal. The government intends to award a Firm-Fixed-Price contract to the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror. All offers are due by 11:00 AM EST on 10 October 2023 and must be submitted in writing via email.


********** This modification is issued to correct the offer due date/time for this requirement. The correct due date/time is 5:00 PM EST on 10 October 2023. ************ This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial services prepared in accordance with the format in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with the additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a separate solicitation will not be issued. Award will be made to the lowest price reasonable offeror that represents the best value to the Government. While the Government anticipates awarding a contract (subject to the availability of funds), the Government reserves the unilateral right to not make an award. The Government does not anticipate the need for discussions; vendors are encouraged to submit their best offer in their initial response. Request for Quotes (RFQ) Number M-24-A31-R-000030(1) incorporates the provisions and clauses effective through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2023-05, dated 22 September 2023. This procurement is a 100% small business set-aside under North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) 722320 – Caterers, with a size standard of $9.0 Million.  A vendor must be registered in the System for Award Management ( for “All Awards” prior to receiving a contract award from the Federal Government. The United States Marshal Service (USMS), Special Operations Group (SOG), has a requirement for catered meals to be served in-and-around the SOG facilities located at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, LA. SOG will be hosting a training class beginning with breakfast on 19 October 2023 and concluding with dinner on 24 October 2023. Contractor will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on all days of the Period of Performance (POP) (see below). Please see attached Performance Work Statement (PWS) for full details. The schedule below represents the contract POP, number to students and meals required. Period of Performance: 19 - 24 Ocotber 2023 Number of Students: 30 Total Number of Meals: 540 Meals Required: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Per the PWS, each attendee is required to consume between 3,500 – 4,000 nutrient dense calories per day. This will likely require two (2) trips through the food service line per attendee per meal period Vendors are responsible for submitting sufficient information to show they can meet all aspects of the attached PWS. The Government will review the information provided to verify it fulfills the requirement. The Government reserves the right to contact potential vendors for clarifications but is under no obligation to do so. The Government intends to award a Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) contract for these services. Vendors are strongly encouraged to review the entire attached PWS and to pay special attention to Section 8: Food Specifications, Section 8.1 General Information and Section 8.2: Food Counts. These sections provide critical information for successful vendor performance.  The Basis of Award will be the Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable (LPTA) amongst all offerors that demonstrate they can meet all specifications in the PWS. These requirements are well defined, and the risk of unsuccessful contract performance is minimal; therefor, LPTA is appropriate. All offers are due no-later-than 5:00 PM EST on 10 October 2023 and must be submitted in writing via email to both and Guideline for Submission (1) – All offerors shall review this solicitation, provisions and clauses, and all attachments prior to submitting a quote. (2) – Offerors are encouraged to periodically check the System for Award Management ( for any amendments that may be made to the original solicitation, and for the answers to any questions received (3) – All offerors are required to have an active registration in SAM. Offerors must have an active registration in SAM at the time of award to be eligible to receive contract award. (4) – All offers are due no-later-than 5:00 PM EST on 10 October 2023. (5) – All questions and offers must be submitted to BOTH and  Questions and offers will only be accepted via electronic delivery to the email addresses specified above (phone calls will not be accepted). (6) – All offers shall be on company letterhead and must contain the following information: • Unique Entity ID (UEI) Number • CAGE Code • Tax ID Number • Company Name and Address • POC Name, Email and Phone Number • Quote Number • Solicitation Number (7) – All offers must have the ability to receive payment via the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). IPP is a secure, web-based program utilized by Federal agencies to manage the invoice process. IPP registration IS NOT REQUIRED to submit a quote/offer for this procurement, but the successful offeror must register for IPP after award is made. QUOTE FORMAT Quotes shall adhere to the following format: Line Item 0001: Breakfast Meals Quantity: 180 Unit of Issue: Each Unit Price: $ Line Item 0001 Total: $ Line Item 0002: Lunch Meals Quantity: 180 Unit of Issue: Each Unit Price: $ Line Item 0002 Total: $ Line Item 0003: Dinner Meals Quantity: 180 Unit of Issue: Each Unit Price: $ Line Item 0003 Total: $ Total Contract Price: $

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