Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF 2024)

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December 12th, 2023
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February 15th, 2024
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U.S. Mission to Georgia (DOS-GEO)

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The U.S. Mission to Georgia is offering the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF 2024) grant opportunity. This grant aims to provide funding to alumni of U.S. government-funded exchange programs to design and implement innovative solutions to global challenges in their community. The grant supports the United States' commitment to Georgia's further integration with the West as a more democratic and stable country. Projects must take place outside of the United States and its territories. The grant is open to individuals who are alumni of U.S. government-funded or sponsored exchange programs. Projects teams must include at least two alumni. The grant has a closing date of February 15, 2024, and expects to make two awards with an award ceiling of $35,000 and an award floor of $5,000. The grant description outlines several themes that projects can address, including exposure to American culture, economic prosperity, democratic values, community integration, skills building, supporting de-occupation and reconciliation, and cultural preservation. Projects must focus on building alumni networks, strengthening the relationship between alumni and the U.S. government, and supporting alumni in developing their leadership capacity. For more information, contact Anna Kharibegashvili, the Grants Program Coordinator, at


AEIF provides alumni of U.S. sponsored and facilitated exchange programs with funding to expand on skills gained during their exchange experience to design and implement innovative solutions to global challenges facing their community. Since its inception in 2011, AEIF has funded nearly 500 alumni-led projects around the world through a competitive global competition. This year, AEIF 2024 will support the United States’ commitment to Georgia’s further integration with the West as a more democratic and stable country. US Embassy Tbilisi will accept public service projects proposed and managed by teams of at least two (2) alumni that support themes such as: ● Exposure to American culture and shared values, particularly for those in regions; ● Strengthen economic prosperity, promote innovation, foster entrepreneurship, and improve the digital economy; ● Reinforce democratic values; ● Community integration, inclusion, and tolerance-building; ● Skills building for women, youth, and people with disabilities; ● Supporting de-occupation and reconciliation; ● Projects that support cultural preservation in rural areas or in marginalized communities. AEIF projects must address at least one of the following: Bring alumni together from different exchange programs to build or expand an alumni network capable of working together on common interests and increase regional and global collaboration of alumni. ● Strengthen the relationship between alumni and the U.S. government to work together on activities that address mutual goals and challenges. Support alumni as they develop their leadership capacity and implement projects in their communities.

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