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Published Date
November 16th, 2023
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November 17th, 2023
Washington, DC, 20540, USA
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Solicitation: Library of Congress is seeking a contractor to design and code a system for testing the inputs and outputs of their Linked Data Service (LDS). The LDS is a premier Linked Data service for the bibliographic community, providing machine-to-machine communication and web interface for library professionals. The current tests for the service are implemented manually and need to be migrated to a framework that can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines. The contractor will be responsible for migrating the existing tests and creating a system that allows for easy addition and modification of tests. The final deliverable will be a set of programs and documentation for automated testing of the inputs and outputs of the Library's Linked Data Service. Quotes are due by November 17, 2023.


Reminder this opportunity closes on November 17th at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.  Please submit quotes with techncial information to allow for a tecnical acceptability determination to  Thank you.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amendment -0001 to 030ADV24Q0024 is now attached to this RFQ. The purpose for Amendment -0001  to solicitation 030ADV24Q0018 is to add Attachment J2- Questions and Answers 030ADV24Q0018.  The closing date for this RFQ remains unchanged as 11/17/2023 12:00PM EST.  Quotes received with only pricing will be deemed technically unacceptable. Please read the first question in the Q&As and ensure your offer complies with clause FAR 52.212-1 on pages 39-41 in original solicitation.  Please read all of the new attachments and make sure you acknowledge Amendment -0001 in your quote/offer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND: The Library of Congress (LOC) Linked Data Service (LDS) has become the premier Linked Data service for the bibliographic community.  With a focus on catering to machine-to-machine communication, its services have been integrated into a variety of library software in the community and developers make heavy use of the service on a daily basis.  Its web interface has become equally popular by library professionals, especially catalogers.  LDS is a Linked Data application, meaning it makes data available via well-defined and predictable interaction patterns and uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model.  It features, additionally, a number of well-defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  A typical test invokes an HTTP endpoint using a GET request, with or without special parameters, and evaluates the results, both the HTTP headers returned and response body.  LDS includes hundreds of tests designed to ensure the service inputs and outputs match expectations and requirements.  These are implemented in an aging framework and are invoked manually.  The Library needs to migrate these tests from this framework in such a way that they can be integrated into CI/CD (Continuous integration/continuous development) pipelines.  The Library does not have sufficient staff with the specialized expertise to carry out this task.  That expertise is a combination of in-depth knowledge of Resource Description Framework (RDF), including the various software options used to work with RDF, and programming strategies for optimal CI/CD integration. SCOPE:  The Contractor shall design and code a system for testing the expected inputs and outputs of LDS and migrate the existing tests.  The Contractor shall use a strategy that makes the addition of new tests and modifications to existing ones straightforward and with minimal involvement of library staff as users of the system.  Tests are added by Library staff regularly and should not be a laborious process. The final deliverable for this contract would be a set of programs with attendant documentation, which can be used by the Library for automated testing of the inputs and outputs of the Library’s Linked Data Service. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Offeror questions are due November 2, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST.  Questions are submitted to the contracting officer via an email to using Attachment J1 – Question-template which is an excel spreadsheet to allow the Library to reference your questions to the applicable portion of the RFQ.  All questions will be collected and questions and answers will be posted to as an amendment to the RFQ.  Responses to offeror questions will be posted as an amendment to this page as soon as possible. Quotes are due November 17, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST.  Please read the Request for Quote document 030ADV24Q0018 in its entirety.  It contains the Statement of Work (SOW) and the clauses and provisions that apply to this requirement.  Within the SOW is the Library’s estimate of the level of effort we expect this requirement to be.

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