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November 16th, 2023
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November 24th, 2023
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Sources Sought - VETERANS AFFAIRS, DEPARTMENT OF - Generator The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking sources for an Electrosurgery Generator that meets specific requirements for the VA Medical Center in Prescott, AZ. The generator must provide Radio Frequency energy for monopolar and bipolar surgical applications, automatically detect coded handsets, and have a Linux operating system. It must also have a minimum of 8GB internal memory storage capacity, Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity, and a 110VAC hospital grade power cord. The generator must be capable of operating a duty cycle of 25% for four hours and have a 15.7cm LCD touchscreen. Various energy output characteristics are required, including Monopolar CUT, Monopolar Valleylab, Monopolar COAG, and Bipolar. Interested parties should respond with company information, size status, and capabilities. Responses must be submitted by November 23, 2023.


THIS REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI)/SOURCES SOUGHT/RFI IS ISSUED SOLELY FOR INFORMATION AND PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. THE SUBMISSION OF PRICING, CAPABILITIES FOR PLANNING PURPOSES, AND OTHER MARKET INFORMATION IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED AND ALLOWED UNDER THIS RFI IN ACCORDANCE WITH (IAW) FAR 15.201(e). DISCLAIMER This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. IAW FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI. SOURCES SOUGHT/RFI DESCRIPTION This is NOT a solicitation announcement. This is a Sources Sought/RFI only. The purpose of this Sources Sought/RFI is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification relative to NAICS 339112 (size standard of 1,000 Employees). Responses to this Sources Sought/RFI will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. After review of the responses to this Sources Sought/RFI, a solicitation announcement may be published. Responses to this Sources Sought/RFI synopsis are not considered adequate responses for a solicitation announcement. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), VISN 22 Long Beach Network Contracting Office, is seeking sources who can possibly provide Electrosurgery Generator that at a minimum meet the brandname and/or can possibly provide an equal product for the VA Medical Center Prescott, AZ. Brandname Information: Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, VLFX8GEN Type: Valleylab FX 8 Generator Equal to product name: Electrosurgery Generator Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, VLFTCRT Type: Valleylab FT10 Cart Equal to product name: Cart Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, E6008 Type: Footswitch Standard Equal to product name: Footswitch Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, E6009 Type: Footswitch Equal to product name: Footswitch Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, E0502-1 Type: Valleylab Monopolar Adapter Equal to product name: Adapter Manufacturer & Part Number(s): Medtronic, SE3690 Type: Smoke Evacuator 110V Equal to product name: Smoke Evacuator Salient Characteristics: Must provide Radio Frequency energy for monopolar and bipolar surgical applications. Must automatically detect coded handsets and configure the energy platform accordingly. Must have Linux operating system. Must have minimum of 8GB internal memory storage capacity. Must be equipped with an Auto Bipolar feature that allows for automatic activation of bipolar energy. The energy platform must automatically sense the tissue resistance and adjust the output voltage to maintain a consistent effect across different tissue density. Must have Ethernet with connected speed of 10/100/1000Base-T Must have USB 2.0 The Energy platform must be capable of operating a duty cycle of 25%, defined as 10 seconds active and 30 seconds inactive, in any mode for a period of four hours. Must have a 110VAC hospital grade 5-15 power cord. Must have a 15.7cm LCD touchscreen Energy output characteristics must include Monopolar CUT (Pure and Blend), Monopolar Valleylab (Valleylab), Monopolar COAG (Soft, Fulgurate, Shared Fulgurate, Spray and Shared Spray), Bipolar(Precise (1-70 W), Standard (1-70 W), Macro (1-70 W), Low (1-15 W), Medium (16-40 W), High ( 45-95 W) Note: Each location may select their variation of possible capabilities and may not require each possible capability addressed above. The information identified above is intended to be descriptive, not restrictive and to indicate the quality of the supplies/services that will be satisfactory. It is the responsibility of the interested source to demonstrate to the government that the interested parties can provide the supplies/services that fulfill the required specifications. If you are interested and are capable of providing the sought out supplies/services, please provide the requested information as well as the information indicated below. Response to this notice should include company name, address, point of contact, size of business pursuant to the following questions: (1) Please indicate the size status and representations of your business, such as but not limited to: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Hubzone, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Large Business, etc.)? (2) Is your company considered small under the NAICS code identified in this RFI? (3) Are you the manufacturer, authorized distributor, and/or can you provide equivalent solution to the items being referenced above? (4) If you are a large business, do you have any designated/authorized distributors? If so, please provide their company name, telephone, point of Contact and size status (if available). (5) If you re a small business and you are an authorized distributor/reseller for the items identified above or an equivalent solution, do you alter; assemble; modify; the items requested in any way? If you do, state how and what is altered; assembled; modified? (6) If you intend to sub contract any work on this contract, what portion of the total cost will be self-performed/will be performed by your organization? Please provide estimated detailed percentage breakdowns related to sub contracted work and completion of job. (7) Does your company have a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) GSA/NAC/SAC/BPA/NASA SEWP or any other Federal Government contract? If so, please provide the contract number. (8) If you are an FSS GSA/NAC/SAC/BPA/NASA SEWP or any other Federal Government contract holder, are all the items/solution you are providing information for available on your schedule/contract? Please state if all or some items are available on the contract. (9) Are the items you are identifying/providing considered Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) items as defined in FAR Part 2.101 under commercial items (10) Please indicate whether your product conforms to the requirements of the Buy American Act? (11) General pricing of your products/solution is encouraged. Pricing will be used for the purpose of market research only. It will not be used to evaluate for any type of award. (12) Please submit your capabilities statement illustrating your organization s ability to meet the described salient characteristics or equal to items for planning purposes; show clear, compelling and convincing evidence that all equal to items" meet all the salient characteristics. (13) Please review salient characteristics/statement of work (if applicable) and provide feedback or suggestions. If none, please reply as N/A. (14) Please provide your SAM.gov Unique Entity ID/Cage Code number. Responses to this notice shall be submitted via email to Emiljan.Golemi@va.gov. Telephone responses will not be accepted. Responses must be received no later than Thursday, November 23, 2023, by 4:00 PM PST. All responses to this Sources Sought/RFI will be used for planning purposes only. If a solicitation is issued as a result of the information provided from this RFI, all interested parties must respond to that solicitation separately IAW the specifications of that solicitation announcement. Responses to this Sources Sought/RFI notice is not considered a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation.

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