Distributed Hybrid Multi Cloud (DHMC) Request for White Papers (RWP)

Published Date
October 10th, 2023
Response Deadline
October 23rd, 2023
Fort George G Meade, MD, USA
Notice Type
Solicitation No.






Solicitation DEPT OF DEFENSE (DEFENSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGENCY) is seeking White Papers for the development of a Distributed Hybrid Multi Cloud (DHMC) management plane. This centralized control plane will merge and rationalize all x86 server environments within the HaCC, including on-premises cloud assets, virtualized assets, dedicated host connected assets, and off-premises cloud assets. The DHMC prototype solution will be housed in multiple contiguous United States (CONUS) DISA datacenters and will support both NIPR and SIPR networks. The goal is to reduce the overall footprint, increase management efficiencies, and decrease costs. This opportunity is being conducted under the authority of 10 USC 4022 and is not subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Please refer to the attached RWP for more details and submission instructions.


**Amendment 3 (AMD03) The purpose of AMD 03 is to update response to Q153 in Attachment DISA-OTA-23-R-DHMC Response to Questions (AMD 02) (Final). See attachment Response to Questions (AMD 03) **  *Amendment 2 (AMD02) - Amendment 2 makes several administrative corrections to the RWP and provides additional clarifying language to emphasize this acquisition is being conducted under 10 USC 4022 and is not subject to the FAR or any of its supplements. Due to the number of questions received from industry, several questions similar in nature were consolidated. Questions that were not relevant to this acquisition were not answered by the Government. This amendment also provides a revised due date for submissions. No further questions will be considered by the Government for Phase I of this acquisition. Significant revisions are highlighted in green. * Amendment 01 - Fixed formatting issue in PDF that cut off part of section 2, making it unreadable to some companies.  No material changes to RWP has been made The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Hosting and Compute Center (HaCC) through the DISA Procurement Services Directorate (PSD) is seeking White Papers from our industry partners to fulfill the prototyping need of a management plane that centralizes all current x86 environments and capabilities with additional improvement capabilities and innovative processes, into a single centralized control plane. This effort will develop a single environment that rationalizes and encompasses all x86 server environments within the HaCC, merging disparate components into a modernized DHMC infrastructure and services offering. On-premises cloud assets, traditional virtualized assets, dedicated host connected assets, and off-premises cloud assets will all be managed through a single, customizable, and centralized control plane. The DHMC prototype solution will be housed in a consolidated stack located in multiple contiguous United States (CONUS) DISA datacenters. This stack will be standardized for eventual uniform deployment to multiple sites, including outside the contiguous United States (OCONUS) locations. The result will be a DHMC environment hosted on-premises that supports both Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPR) and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPR). This Request for White Paper (RWP) is being issued for the prototype development and testing of a customizable, on-premises control plane that will offer a novel, easily managed interface for tenants and administrators. The centralized control plane will consolidate the current segregated management infrastructure, reduce the overall footprint, increase management efficiencies, and decrease costs. This acquisition is being conducted under the authority of 10 USC 4022 and may result in an other transaction award for a prototype project and therefore is not subject to the procedures of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.  Please read the attached RWP for the full scope of this opportunity and instructions on how to submit a white paper. 

Contact Information

PrimaryShaun Bright
SecondaryJeremy Markusic
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