Vandenberg SFB Vacant Property for Commercial Space Launch Development – SLC 9 and 11

Published Date
October 10th, 2023
Response Deadline
November 25th, 2023
Lompoc, CA, 93437, USA
Notice Type
Special Notice
Solicitation No.






Special Notice DEPT OF DEFENSE is seeking a commercial space launch development for Vandenberg SFB Vacant Property at SLC 9 and 11 in Lompoc, CA. The property is intended for use by private entities to conduct space launch activities, providing space launch services to the Department of Defense, Non-DoD Federal, and other commercial entities. The selected respondent(s) will be responsible for financing, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining vertical space launch capabilities. The property will be offered as a limited-term outgrant with project milestone requirements. The successful respondent(s) will be required to make all necessary improvements to develop the required space launch infrastructure. Respondents may submit separate submittals for each notice. Launch Safety Analysis requirements should be considered when selecting the preferred location. The submission deadline is 45 calendar days after the notice's original publish date.


NOTICES: There are separate notices for separate properties/locations and opportunities at VSFB as listed: Notice ID:  VSFB-SLC-09-11 - Notice for location: VSFB Space Launch Complex (SLC) 9 & 11 (~Medium to Heavy Launch Vehicles). Notice ID:  VSFB-SLC-14 - Notice for Location:  VSFB Space Launch Complex (SLC) 14 at Sudden Flats (~Heavy to Super Heavy Launch Vehicles). Respondents may select to respond to one or both notices but must do so through separate submittals.  Please consider Launch Safety Analysis requirements when considering the preferred location. The following information is provided only as a guide.  Respondent shall make its own assessment with respect to the compatibility of the desired property with its proposed launch concept of operations.   Launch Vehicle Classification by Payload Capacity: - Small:  Less than 2,000 kg - Medium:  2,000 kg 0 20,000 kg - Heavy:  20,000 kg – 50,000 kg - Super Heavy:  Greater than 50,000 kg 1.  DESCRIPTION 1.1.  Growth of the U.S. Domestic Commercial Space Launch industry has resulted in an increase of viable U.S. Domestic Commercial Launch Service Providers (CLSPs) capable of providing space launch services to the Department of Defense (DoD), Non-DoD Federal and other commercial entities.  This growth has resulted in a greater demand for use of real property at U.S. Space Force (USSF) Space Launch Delta 30 (SLD 30), Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) by private entities to conduct space launch activities. The USSF has determined that development of additional launch capabilities by the private U.S. commercial industry would be beneficial to the DoD and in the public interest.   1.2.  SLD 30 offers this Notice of Opportunity to Use Property (“Opportunity”) to solicit interest from CLSPs (“Respondents”) that wish to be considered for an opportunity to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain vertical space launch capabilities to provide space launch services to the DoD, Non-DoD Federal and other commercial entities. 1.3.  Upon selection, the Successful Respondent(s) will then enter exclusive discussions with SLD 30 regarding detailed terms and conditions of the opportunity.  Alternate Respondents may be selected should the initial Successful Respondent(s) fail to accept the government’s terms and conditions of the opportunity. 1.4.  Selected Respondent(s) will be offered a Right of Entry (ROE) of limited duration to conduct site assessments and engineering analyses. 1.5.  A proposal to use property may result in the offer of an entry level property outgrant of limited term with project milestone requirements to ensure the successful advancement of site development towards space launch capabilities that will provide assured access to space.  Successful progress towards project completion promotes government confidence and provides a pathway to a long term outgrant.   1.6.  It will be the selected Respondent’s responsibility to make all improvements necessary to develop the required space launch infrastructure required for space launch capabilities.   1.7.  Description of Premises is at Exhibit B. 1.8.  The Notice Points of Contact, SLD 30 Program Requirements Office, SLD 30/XPR, can arrange for one site visit per interested respondent for the purposes of property viewing and familiarity.  Contact the notice points of contact for further assistance.  The timing of the requested site visit will not extend the submittal due dates.  2.  AUTHORITY 2.1.  The installation commander shall exercise authorities at his/her disposal to effectuate real property outgrants in support of this notice.  The Government is under no obligation to allocate property because of this Notice. 2.2.  The opportunity to utilize property resulting from this notice is contingent upon the execution of a non-negotiable real property outgrant as detailed in a format approved by the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) and SECAF General Counsel (SAF/GCN) and none other.   2.3.  The terms of the outgrant may require rent in the form of cash or in-kind consideration in a total amount not less than the Fair Market Value (FMV) rental value (with 3% annual increments).   2.4.  At the completion of the outgrant term, the Air Force has complete discretion in granting a renewal and can consider past practices of the Successful Respondent on the installation. 2.5.  The Property shall not be used or permitted to be used in any way or for any purpose except as expressly permitted by the Government and set forth in the property outgrant. 2.6.  All costs associated with developing property and operating capabilities on SLD 30 VSFB shall be borne by the Successful Respondent(s). 2.7.  The Government will not pay or reimburse any costs associated with responding to this Notice.  3.  CONDITIONS 3.1.  Private Capital.  Respondent CLSPs shall be capable of having private capital at risk with plans to invest private capital in space launch infrastructure for purposes of conducting its space launch activities. The term "commercial" means having (A) private capital at risk; and (B) primary financial and management responsibility for the activity reside with the private sector (in accordance with 51 U.S.C. §50501(3)). 3.2.  USSF Commercial Space Operations Support Agreement (CSOSA).  The Successful Respondent(s) will be required to maintain a valid non-negotiable CSOSA (as amended) with the USSF and non-negotiable SLD 30 CSOSA Annex B (as amended) prior to the final property transaction.  Current boilerplates are at Exhibit C and Exhibit D respectively. 3.3.  Fair Market Value Assessment.  The Fair Market Value (FMV) of the property will be determined by an appraisal prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and conforms to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  The cost of the USACE FMV assessment shall be borne by the selected Respondent.  The appraisal will be for the benefit of the Air Force and become Government property not releasable outside of the government. 3.4.  Metes and Bounds.  The Successful Respondent(s) will, at their expense, provide a legal description (metes and bounds survey) of the agreed upon Premises prepared by an Air Force approved professional surveyor.   3.5.  Environmental Baseline Survey.  The Successful Respondent(s) will, at their expense and prior to the property transaction, complete an Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) of the Premises and deliver a copy of the EBS to the SLD 30. The EBS will be an exhibit to the real property outgrant.  The EBS sets forth, in a manner consistent with relevant American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) due diligence standards, those environmental conditions and matters known, to the best of the Air Force’s actual knowledge, to be on and affecting the Premises as determined from the records and analyses reflected therein, and existing as of the date stated in the EBS. Any EBS report should be prepared in a format consistent with Air Force Instruction 32-7020, Environmental Restoration Program, dated 5 November 2021. 3.6.  Environmental Impact Analysis.  The Successful Respondent(s) shall be responsible, at its own expense and in close coordination with the base environmental office, for preparing any required environmental impact assessment/analysis (EIA) to the satisfaction of the Air Force (and its coordinating agencies as applicable) for the reasonably foreseeable environmental impacts associated with the Project, as required by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) regulations published by the Council on Environmental Quality at 40 C.F.R. Parts 1500 to 1508, and regulations published by the Air Force at 32 C.F.R. Part 989. 3.7.  Explosive Site Plan.  Any proposed facility where energetic propellants and/or ordnance will be used, processed, or stored will require the development of an explosives site plan. This plan will be prepared by the USSF based on information provided by the Successful Respondent(s) and submitted through the SLD 30 Safety Office for DoD Explosive Safety Board (DDESB) approval at the Successful Respondent(s) expense.  3.8.  Launch Safety Analysis.  The SLD 30 selection of a respondent for a particular property is made on the best available information at the time of selection.  The compatibility of a launch vehicle at the selected property is ultimately determined by the Launch Safety Analysis (LSA).  The purpose of the LSA is to protect people and resources, where practical, by identifying the hazards from debris, toxics or blast distant overpressure associated with normal and malfunctioning launch, reentry, or test operations, containing and/or minimizing launch or test hazards, and mitigating the remaining risks. LSA activities are conducted as part of the launch or test operations approval process, prior to launch.  An SLD 30 commitment for use of the property, evidenced by a final real property agreement, in contingent upon favorable LSA recommendation by SLD 30 Range Safety. 4.  SELECTION OF RESPONDENT 4.1.  After evaluating all Respondent submissions, the SLD 30 will determine the submission(s) most advantageous to the Government and identify the Successful Respondent(s). After identification of the Successful Respondent(s), the SLD 30 will enter exclusive discussions with the Successful Respondent(s). This Opportunity may result in multiple Successful Respondents.  Unsuccessful Respondents will be provided notice. 5.  SUBMISSIONS: 5.1.  Respondents interested in the Opportunity should transmit a Submission that addresses, at a minimum, the items identified in Exhibit A, Submission Content, Order, and Indexing, and in accordance with Paragraph 6, Submission Format & Instructions.   5.2.  The SLD 30 may, at its sole discretion, conduct discussions with Respondents any time after Respondent submissions and prior to selecting a Respondent.   5.3.  Incomplete and/or unsigned Submissions will not be evaluated or considered.  5.4.  The SLD 30 may reject any Submission that fails to furnish the required submittal information. Rejected submissions will not be evaluated. 6.  SUBMISSION FORMAT & INSTRUCTIONS 6.1.  Content.  The Submission should be ordered and indexed into separate Parts as identified at Exhibit A, Submission Content, Order, and Indexing.  The requested information should be considered the minimum necessary to evaluate a Respondent’s submission. Respondents may include other information they feel will aid SLD 30 in evaluating the submission against the assessment criteria. 6.2.  Delivery. Proposals shall be submitted via DODSAFE File Safe protocol,  Please send a request to the points of contact listed below and a link will be sent to transfer the files. Please note there is a file size limit of 8 GB using this site. You will need to confirm your documents are received via a separate email. The electronic submittals shall be submitted in MS Word or PDF file format and compatible with DoD Information Technology systems.  6.3.  Cover letter.  The submission cover letter shall be addressed to: Space Launch Delta 30 c/o SLD 30/XPR, Program Requirements Office P.O. Box 6282 Vandenberg SFB, CA 93437 6.4.  Time and Date of Transmission.  Submissions must be received by 45 calendar dates after Notice Original publish date (Monday if the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday).  Submissions received after this date & time may not be considered for evaluation. 7.  SCHEDULE 7.1.  Except for the Respondent’s Submission due date, the schedule below is intended to provide an estimated schedule/timeline. The timeline set forth below is subject to change at the SLD 30’s sole discretion, to include suspension of evaluation and decision to outgrant. Deadline for Respondent’s Submissions    :  Notice Original publish date plus 45 calendar days (Monday if the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday). Period - Evaluation of Respondent Submission Complete:  30 – 45 Calendar days. Period - Decision Authority Approval:  15 Calendar days. Period - Respondents Notified:  1-7 calendar days after initial SLD selection. 8.  GOVERNMENT ASSESSMENT CRITERIA  8.1.  The SLD 30 will apply the following criteria for assessing whether responses to this Opportunity are in the best interest of the Government and should be considered for a property use outgrant. The criteria include, but is not limited to the following: 8.1.1.  Program  Launch Services/Space Vehicle processing services & CONOPS benefit to AF & USSF or other Government interests. 8.1.2.  Business factors  The Reasonableness of the Respondent’s business case  The Respondent’s demonstrated financial strength and likelihood of raising private capital to fund the project and subsequent operations.  The demonstrated experience and past performance of successful project completion 8.1.3.  Operations  Can USSF infrastructure and resources support the proposed use?  Can USSF accommodate the desired occupancy dates?  Potential risks to Government interests 8.1.4.  Siting  Reasonableness of the requested parcel size and desired outgrant term  Best use of the property as determined by SLD 30 9.  NOTICES 9.1.  This Notice is not governed by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).  This Notice is not a request for proposal, a request for quote, or a solicitation announcement. This Notice is not for an acquisition of goods, services, technologies, or facilities for Air Force consumption/use. This Notice supports a non-FAR real estate transaction granting temporary use of Department of the Air Force (DAF) property.   9.2.  Information contained in this Notice is based on the best information available at the time of publication, is subject to revision, and is not binding on the Government. 9.3.  This Notice and any response and selection thereof, is intended to satisfy the competitive procedures of 10 U.S.C. § 2667 (h).  Selection of a respondent is no guarantee of exclusive use of property. 9.4.  Cancellation of the Opportunity. While the SLD 30 intends to select Respondents satisfying the minimum requirements, the SLD 30 is under no obligation to do so and reserves the right to cancel this Opportunity and reject all Respondents at its sole discretion.  9.5.  The SLD 30 reserves the right to suspend and/or amend all provisions of the Opportunity and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in submissions received where it is in SLD 30’s best interest to do so.  9.6.  Amendments to the Opportunity. This Opportunity may be amended by formal amendment, document, letter, facsimile, or electronic mail.   

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